About Us

My name is Judy Bishop and pets have always been my passion.  I have shared my life and my home with animals since childhood and I can’t imagine having it any other way.  Pets give us so much unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, and a reason to live each day to the best of our abilities. So, it’s not surprising that my love for pets has guided my career path. 

I began with a boarding and grooming shop, which I had great success with for over 15 years on Long Island; but, for the last 11+ years, I’ve been running a home based business that focuses on natural and holistic approaches to pet care, animal nutrition & human health and wellness.

I got into the business because my five precious dogs were having traumatic health problems.  I’ve discovered that helping others get the right nutrition for their pets has been completely rewarding.  It’s also been a very profitable business because people don’t really know other reliable ways to keep their pets healthy other than shelling out hundreds of dollars on expensive drugs and visits to the vet.

Before I found the natural way of taking care of my pets, my dogs always looked great, but two of them continually went to the vet for one reason or another – allergies, ear infections, scratching, chewing, biting, itching, coughing and other problems.  My vet gave them different types of drugs, but nothing helped. I searched for answers and alternatives on the Internet and called other veterinarians for help.  I spent $3,000 at one of the most famous New York Animal Hospitals, only to be told we needed more drugs. 

One of my dogs was operated on four times for a severe ear infection and there went another $2,500, not to mention all the pain and suffering. During the last surgery, the vet went so far as to remove part of his eardrum.

It seemed every time I looked around, we were back at the vet’s office.  More money, more drugs, no answers.

My search led me to nutrition.  And all of a sudden, it hit me: we are what we eat, aren’t we?  So wouldn’t the same be true for my dogs?

At the time of my search, my Yorkshire Terrier, Gucci, became severely ill and I ended up losing her to kidney disease.  I was devastated! I couldn’t eat, sleep, work and didn’t want to talk to anyone. And then in the midst of my grief, I lost Giorgio, Gucci’s little brother, to cancer. Two weeks after Giorgio passed away, I lost another beloved dog, Kato, to heart disease. I couldn’t go through this again.  Losing one pet was hard enough, but three in such a short period of time was overwhelming. I was beyond devastation. I layed in bed crying for months, not knowing how I’d ever get back into life.

A few months later I found Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic veterinarian, and spent hours with her on the phone as she helped me cope with my losses and educate me on the importance of feeding a proper diet.

I put my heart and soul into learning about health and nutrition for animals and ever since then, my focus has been to educate pet owners so that hopefully they won’t go through what I did.

I’ve watched so many animals improve just by changing their diets and making a few changes from the conventional methods to using holistic products. I only wish that Gucci, Giorgio and Kato had had the chance to benefit from what I learned.  But now, my new family is thriving on holistic food, treats, supplements and pet care. Meet My Family!

And remember the dog I mentioned who went through the four ear surgeries?  Well, it turned out to be a food allergy!

With the help and guidance of a wonderful support team, I started my own full-time home based business, helping people to help their pets live longer, healthier lives and earn an ongoing income.  I’ve found great fulfillment in running this business! It grew into something I never could have imagined!  Just by helping others with proper nutrition for their pets, I’m making more than enough money to cover all my living expenses including my mortgage, taxes, telephone, cable and anything else you can think of.

My husband and I moved to Texas about 4 years ago and bought a huge home with lots of property for the dogs.  I now live a lifestyle of freedom where I can do what I want, whenever I want.  In fact, Paul said to me the other day, “I envy you.  You sleep as long as you want to, you work when you want to and you spend most of your days playing with the dogs. For you every day is a holiday!”

If I’m not working, I’m either playing with our 6 poodles, taking dance lessons, shopping or having fun with friends.  I also love to travel, going back to New York to visit family or cruising around the Carribean!  My family are great supporters of my business, although they had a pretty typical reaction when I closed my successful boarding and grooming shop – they thought I was nuts.

But you know what?  They saw what the products could do, they saw the income that could be made and they saw what it was like for me to live my life having lots of fun and meeting new people without the stress of a typical job. Now some of them are in the business too!

Because you love your pets, JudysHealthCafe.com is dedicated to offering only all-natural, holistic and high quality pet care alternative products for dogs, cats, horses and most animals. We are proud to represent the highest quality natural pet product lines. In addition to natural food for your pets, we offer fabulous natural alternative products including treats, vitamin supplements, natural flea remedies, immune system support supplements, arthritic support supplements, herbal shampoos, an assortment of herbal remedies for all types of ailments and much, much more!

Every day we remember the precious dogs we have lost and how they guided us in our journey towards helping other companion animals live longer, healthier lives.

In Loving Memory Of Gucci, Giorgio, Kato, Noodle and Joey

Wishing you and your pets the very best,
Judy Bishop