Best Natural Supplements For Muscle, Bone and Joint Health


The body’s ability to move is reliant upon the condition and health of our muscles, joints and bones. Whether you have a nagging ache, a severe injury or just want to maintain strength and flexibility, consider taking one or more of our natural supplements that help promote healthy muscles, bones and joints.

Life's Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil LiquidLife’s Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil

Effects Of High-Dose Fish Oil On Rheumatoid Arthritis

A study conducted at the Albany Medical College on 66 rheumatoid arthritis patients concluded that the dietary supplementation of fish oil improved the symptoms of this disease. In addition, this study found that some patients were able to discontinue their NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) without experiencing an increase in symptom flare-ups.*

Omega-3’s from Fish Oil May Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

According to an article in “Arthritis Today,” a magazine offered by the Arthritis Foundation, there is strong evidence that fish oil supplements with omega-3 fatty acids may ease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, help prevent Raynaud’s syndrome spasms and possibly may relieve some lupus symptoms. The article suggests that the American diet is overwhelmed by omega-6 fatty acids found in vegetable and cooking oils used in processed food and we are likely getting too little omega-3 fatty acids and others that help reduce inflammation and improve circulation.*

Life’s Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules

Life’s Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid


 Flex 4Life CreamFlex 4Life Cream

A soothing topical blend to support joint health and mobility

Primary Support: Muscle, Bone, & Joint
Secondary Support: Antioxidant

• Supports joint health and mobility
• Provides quick and localized topical support for sore muscles and joints
• Supports healthy range of motion

Flex 4Life cream is a soothing topical blend that combines menthol, peppermint extract, natural vitamin E, and other ingredients. Flex4Life does not contain wheat, oats, corn, gluten, sugar, egg, yeast, sulfates, phosphates, preservatives, casein, or any other milk derivatives.

Flex 4Life Cream


CM Super by 4Life4Life CM Super

Synergistic Structural Maintenance

CM Super provides comprehensive nutritional support for both bone metabolism and structural system health. It contains several forms of calcium and magnesium, patented chelated minerals, and other support nutrients to fortify your body with the strength and support it needs.

• Contains a potent daily serving of more than 600 mg of calcium, 400 IU of vitamin D, and 270 mg of magnesium to support bone health
• Contains vital ingredients to support bone growth in people of all ages

4Life CM Super


MusculoSkeletal Formula by 4LifeMusculoSkeletal Formula by 4Life

Herbal support for healthy inflammation and muscles

Primary Support: Muscle, Bone, & Joint

• Contains key ingredients that support muscle repair
• Includes ingredients for soft tissue support of overworked muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves
• Contains saw palmetto and alfalfa to support range of motion

MusculoSkeletal Formula provides nutritional support to both the structural system and eliminative organs of the body. In addition to supporting healthy connective tissue and bone marrow, this beneficial formula helps ease overused and overstressed muscles with a combination of herbs that promote the removal of unwanted metabolic waste. The herbs in this product have been historically used as blood purifiers, helping to move metabolic waste and other toxins in the blood from fatty and connective tissues into the liver and kidneys, where they are eliminated from the body. The ingredients in this formula also nourish the marrow, supporting the body’s role in producing normal red blood cells.

MusculoSkeletal Formula by 4Life