free-petwellnessWe specialize in natural and holistic approaches to pet care and human health. Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions. While it has its place, conventional medicine has failed us in many ways.

Most holistic doctors and veterinarians list annual vaccinations and commercial pet foods as the major contributory cause in the rising rates of chronic illness today. Contrary to the belief that mass vaccination and antibiotic use will contribute to a decrease in disease, the opposite has in fact proven true. Like their human counterparts, today’s pets are becoming more and more vulnerable to chronic disease and ill health. This has led many doctors and veterinarians to search for alternatives and to adapt more holistic methods of keeping us and our pets healthy. provides healthy, all natural products and alternative treatments to help you and your pets achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are a growing, dynamic company with one single goal in mind – to restore health and wellness to you and your pets through our holistic philosophy and approach toward health care. We invite you to join us in our exciting journey toward an optimum healthy lifestyle for you and your pets.

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Dogs

Life's Abundance Premium Health Food For DogsLife’s Abundance Dog Foods have NEVER been on any recall list. Provides your best friend with a premium health food made with fresh, quality wholesome ingredients. A healthy, satisfying diet for all breeds, sizes and ages. All Stage, Grain Free, Weight Loss and Puppy Formulas available.

Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food For Cats

Life’s Abundance Cat Foods have NEVER been on any recall list. Provides your best friend with a premium health food made with fresh, quality wholesome ingredients. A healthy, satisfying diet for all breeds, sizes and ages. All Life Stage, Grain Free and Canned Cat Foods available.

Life’s Abundance Premium Cat Food

Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Formula For Dogs

Obesity is one of the greatest health concerns facing our pets. Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Formula Dog Food actually works and can help keep your dog in robust good health with a shiny coat and the energy to live life to its fullest. Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Formula For Dogs has Never Been On A Recall List.

Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Dog Food

Life’s  Abundance Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs

Loved by dogs of all ages and those with sensitive stomachs, our formula contains robust protein from lamb, eggs, whitefish, and flaxseed.

• Wholesome proteins with a flavor dogs crave
• Our custom prebiotic fiber blend
• Guaranteed species-specific probiotics
• Nutritious fruits and vegetables
• No chicken-based ingredients
• No soy, corn or wheat

Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs

Life’s Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil

Life’s Abundance Sealogix Omega-3 Fish Oil  lifes-abundance-omega-3-sealogix-fish-oil-capsules-150x150Life’s Abundance omega-3 fish oil supplements are highly concentrated with two-to-three times as much health-promoting EPA and DHA as competing brands. Life’s Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil has an IFOS 5-Star, the highest possible rating for fish oil.

Life’s Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil

Agility Formula For Optimum Joint Health

Life's Abundance Agility FormulaDoes your pet have difficulty with stairs, jumping up to greet you, seem slower to rise or slower to retrieve the ball? Several hip and joint formulas are marketed for companion animals. Unfortunately, most of these products treat the joint as an isolated goal and for this reason they do not work as well as they could. Our Agility supplement is a holistic formula, which means that it takes into account the needs of the whole body, including all the parts that work with the joints.

Agility Supplement For Dogs and Cats

Your Pet Needs A Daily Supplement


You want to ensure the well-being of your dog or cat. But it may not be a simple matter to determine which nutrients are required for optimal health. You see, no two pets are the same, due to a variety of factors, including differences in breed, life stage, health needs, personality, living environment and level of activity. In part, it is due to your pet’s unique health requirements that adding a dietary supplement to their daily nutritional intake is more important than you might think. While feeding a wholesome, nutritious food like Life’s Abundance, supplements are a necessary component in fulfilling the individual dietary requirements of your companion.

Supplements for Dogs and Cats

Dietary Supplements

Want to upgrade your healthy lifestyle with clean, effective and delicious supplements, created with superior quality ingredients? We believe that everyone deserves access to excellent nutrition that’s clean, safe, and effective – that’s why we developed our line of supplements. From a great tasting plant-based protein powder and greens blend, to our probiotics, multivitamins and more – the ingredients in our supplements will not only support your wellness journey, but give it a boost. Plus, you’ll feel good physically and mentally knowing that none of your supplements contain anything artificial.

Life’s Abundance Dietary Supplements

Life’s Abundance Healthy, Natural, Safe Dog and Cat Treats

LIfe's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats

Give your pets delicious, safe, healthy treats made for a specific purpose,
not just empty calories!

Unfortunately, most of the pet snacks available on the market today are non-nutritive “junk foods” that could be dangerous to your dog’s or cat’s health. It’s important to remember that even if you feed your pet a diet of healthy food, mass-marketed treats can have a significant negative impact on his or her health. Premium chews, training treats and baked goodies offer wholesome, healthy and delicious canine and feline rewards. No artificial flavors or colors. No corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens. Never Been On A Recall List!

Life’s Abundance Dog and Cat Treats