The Golden Years: Caring for Aging Pets


Companionship and commitment to your pet has always been important, but these things are even more so as they age.

Recognizing your pet is getting older

The rate at which a pet shows signs of aging depends on a variety of factors, such as breed, size, and general health. Commonly, giant and large dogs age more quickly than do medium-size or small dogs. Miniature and toy-breed dogs, as well as indoor cats, tend to live longer.

As your pet ages, changes occur in its physical condition, which warrant additional care aside from the annual veterinary checkup. Usually these changes are a result of deteriorating body functions such as hearing or vision, or possibly symptoms of disease.

Most dogs live between 10 to 15 years, and the average lifespan of cats is 20 years. Many pets do live to a ripe old age, but often experience the same aches and pains of old age that humans suffer. While it’s impossible to breathe new life into an old pet, there are ways to reduce suffering and provide comfort to our tired old friends.

Aging Tips

Begin with regular checkups. Once your dog or cat enters mid-life, it’s a good idea to let your vet take a look at least once a year. Middle age in dogs is generally considered to be around the age of seven, and eight to ten for cats. Regular checkups will allow your vet to more easily identify changes and illness based upon an initial baseline examination.


Keep those legs and paws moving. Daily exercise can help keep your pet slim and flexible, as well as help starve off age-related disorders like digestive problems. Although many experts recommend walking your pet for at least 20 minutes, twice a day, most admit any amount is helpful — and it’s good for you too!


Study after study reveal similar findings. The number one dilemma in the pet population is obesity. This is the a big contributor to age-related problems like arthritis and heart disease. In cats, it can lead to diabetes. In fact, cats that already have diabetes may be able to get it under control, just by trimming surplus pounds. However, be careful about sudden changes in diet. Don’t rush to make them if your pet is already slim and healthy.

Proper diet for pets

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Dogs provides a solid, daily nutritional foundation, at every age. It is nutrient-dense with vitamins, minerals, fats and fatty acids essential for the optimal health of your dog. Three sources of high-quality protein including chicken meal, fish meal and eggs are derived from the very best processing plants. It is also rich in powerful antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and other natural sources.

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Life’s Abundance does not contain corn, wheat, dairy, by-products, artificial colors or flavors often found in other leading brands.


Why should you give your cat or dog a nutritional supplement? All pets have different nutritional requirements. Age, activity level, environment, genetic and breed are determining factors. Although a good premium food will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot supply all the nutrients necessary to fulfill those unique requirements. A Daily Wellness Food Supplement is specifically formulated to provide your dog or cat with the additional nutrients necessary for good health.


Packed with premium ingredients, Life’s Abundance Antioxidant Health Bars are a nutritious way to reward your sweet pup and boost his or her health. Featuring the great taste of apples, peanut butter and honey, dogs just can’t resist these delicious bars, which also include oatmeal, stabilized rice bran, brown rice, ground flaxseed, rolled oats, flaxseed oil, dried whole eggs, cranberries and carrots.

Since antioxidants are so important to maintaining a healthy immune system, Life’s Abundance added a hefty helping of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

In a market overwhelmed by nutritionally inadequate dog treats, Antioxidant Health Bars are the healthy alternative for canines.


Many pets naturally drink less as they get older, which can cause dehydration. All the more reason to keep water bowls filled with fresh, clean water. It may also be of great importance to keep water bowls in different parts of the house. This is particularly important if your pet doesn’t get around as well as it used to.

Dental Health

Dental problems are common for both older dogs and cats if their teeth are not being brushed. Dental tartar, a mixture of minerals and bacteria, will build up eventually and cause gingivitis. If untreated, this can lead to gum recession and pocketing, allowing the teeth to lose their supportive attachments and to become loose. Routine dental cleanings are necessary to prevent these problems in humans. Pets are not much different. Preventing dental problems by cleaning and at-home care is crucial to avoid more serious troubles later in life.

Life’s Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats contain a variety of healthy whole grains, high-quality proteins plus hefty helpings of calcium and phosphorous, which are important nutrients for strong bones and teeth. And, we’ve included parsley to freshen your dog’s breath right away.

With Gourmet Dental Treats, you’ll be helping to support dental health and treating your dog to scrumptious oven-baked goodness!

Separation Anxiety

Though your pet may never have shown any anxiety over being left alone or away from you before, older pets can become anxious in your absence. Separation anxiety can result from the discomfort of degenerative changes related to aging or medical problems.

Minor diseases and ailments

Older pets are prone to a host of minor diseases and ailments. Any unusual lump deserves your vet’s attention because they could be a sign of cancer, infection or a warning of several other disorders.

Shortness of breath may foretell a problem. If your dog or cat often appears to be short of breath or winded, a visit to the vet is advised. This could be a sign of heart problems.

Changes in appetite may be a precursor to kidney failure and several other disorders, which can become apparent through your pet’s eating habits. As a general rule, pets that do not feel well, will refuse to eat.

Although pets do commonly lose weight as they age, any dramatic weight loss should be brought to your vet’s attention.

Feeding the Senior Dog

Except for the fact that a senior dog may be set in its ways — and unhealthy ones at that –they need to follow the same rules the younger ones do, with some exceptions. Frequently, smaller meals will aid digestion. The higher-quality the protein, the better; and it shouldn’t be reduced be reduced unless a veterinarian tells you to. Some senior dogs have a tendency to gain weight. Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Food For Adult Dogs actually works and will keep your dog in robust good health with a shiny coat and the energy to live life to its fullest.

Feeding the Senior Cat

Feed smaller portions more frequently — three or four times daily. This eases the stress on internal organs, keeps the immune system strong, and keeps your cat’s energy level from falling. Don’t feed your cat baby food. The calcium/phosphorus ratio is wrong for felines and can worsen many health problems.

Your cat needs a high quality Daily Nutritional Supplement because all cats have different nutritional requirements. Although a good premium food will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot supply all the nutrients necessary to fulfill those unique requirements. A deficiency of just one or more nutrients can leave your cat vulnerable to disease. 

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food For Cats contains nutrients that specifically support your cat’s natural defenses and are vital to good health.

One final thought on caring for aging pets: Their old age affects them, just as it does humans. Now, with the life-affirming products from Life’s Abundance you can help your pet age gracefully.