Library of Informational Pet Health Articles


Library Of Pet Health ArticlesOur Library of Informational Pet Health Articles will cover many different topics, including articles on dog and cat health, horse health, animal nutrition, training and pet care to help solve your pet’s health and behavior problems.

Read articles relating to your pet’s health issues and tips for caring for your pet’s health the natural way throughout his/her life.


Find articles, information and links with our focus on a holistic approach to keeping dogs, cats and horses healthy and happy with alternative approaches to traditional veterinary medicine.

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A Dog’s Age In Human Years

Allergies to Pets

Antifreeze Is Deadly To Pets

Bathing Your Pet Bird

Bow-Wow on Dental Disease

Chewing And Digging

Choosing a Dog Trainer

Collar or Harness: Does It Really Matter?

Crate Training Your Dog

Dangers of Mixing Pet Foods

Depression and Grieving in Pets

Dog Aggression – How To Be Your Dog’s Leader

Don’t Declaw Your Cat – Train & Trim His Nails Instead

Ear Infections in Pets

Epilepsy And Seizures In Pets – Causes, Treatment And Prevention

Feeding Raw Pet Food Can Be Dangerous to You and Your Pet

Feline Leukemia

Flea and Tick Products: What You Should Know

Fleas Can Make Your Pet VERY, VERY Itchy

Getting Under Your Pet’s Skin

Healthy Skin And Coats, Shedding In Dogs And Cats

Heat Stroke and Your Beloved Dog

Help! My Pet Is Afraid Of Thunder

Hot Tips For Keeps Pets Cool During The Summer

“How Could You?” Written By A Shelter Dog: How I Got Here

How To Give Your Dog A Pill Or Capsule In 5 Easy Steps

Insect Bites and Stings

Internal Parasites Are a Health Hazard

Is Your Dog Fat?

Just What is a Puppy Mill?

Keep Pet Areas Clean –  Cool Products to Keep Your Cat Litter Boxes Clean

Keep Your Pets Safe on July 4th

Obesity In Cats And How You Can Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Plants Poisonous To Cats

Scoop on Poop

Substances That Are Poison to Pets

Tapeworm Infection – A Treatable Parasite In Dogs And Cats

The Development And Correction Of Canine Aggression

The Golden Years – Caring for Aging Pets

Understanding Our Pets Bones and Joints

Using The Dogs’ Own Rules To Fix Their Own Fights

Warnings and Dangers of Rimadyl

What Exactly is a Breeder?

What’s Really In Pet Food?

When A Pet Dies

When Your Pet Has Diarrhea

Why Is Cancer Killing Our Pets?