Flea Free Customer Testimonials


I have 2 Alaskan Malamutes & a Siberian Husky, all with ALOT of hair. We have had a real problem with ticks. Because the dogs are so big it is very difficult to remove the ticks by hand. I hate to use chemicals on the dogs so we tried FLEA FREE and it works great! The dogs love the taste and we are not finding the ticks after about a week on the product. Send us a Gallon next time.
Sara G. – Phoenix, Arizona

Our Giant Schnauzer, Haley, was having problems with hot spots and we didn’t want to subject her to medications that only treat the symptoms instead of the cause of the problems. So when we were introduced to FLEA FREE we were very happy to find out that it is an all-natural product and that it helps to solve many vitamin deficiencies which in turn eliminated Haley’s hot spots. But I received another bonus when I began to give it to my cats as well. I had tremendous results with my 14 tear old male cat, Bones. His coat was drab and shedding heavily. I was finding hairballs every couple days. And at times, he was urinating in places other than his litter box. I was ready to take him to the vet, but after a couple of weeks of putting FLEA FREE on his food, his coat was looking shiny, no more hairballs and the surprise spots of urine were gone. After reading about the possible causes of his urination problem and the color of the urine I was finding – I deduced that his urine was too acidic and the FLEA FREE seemed to help reduce the acidity. I am very pleased to have found this all-natural product that helps my pets stay healthy and keep the biting insects at bay.
Peggy S. – Tucson, AZ

My Lab/Mix dog is my trained “Assistance Dog.” We did not have a flea or tick problem. My dog had allergies and was on medication from the vet. My daughter was giving the FLEA FREE liquid to her dogs for ticks. She wanted me to try it on my dog to see if the allergies would improve. I tried it and it worked very well and we were able to greatly reduce the medication from the vet. When we ran out of FLEA FREE we noticed the allergy symptoms increased so we will keep my dog on the FLEA FREE. Please send me a gallon.
Elizabeth M. – Peoria, AZ

It sure is great having an all-natural health supplement that promotes good health and controls the fleas and ticks, too. Our 14 year old Dachshund seems to be more active when he gets Flea Free. He seems to run more freely. We want to try the Yard Concentrate, next.
Annie G. – Mesa , AZ

I absolutely love these products! I use the supplement and insect spray and have not had one problem with fleas or ticks. I live in a heavily wooded area and I am so happy to be rid of the chemicals. Thank you!
Jessica R. – NY

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