Dog and Cat Groomers Need Income For Life


Being a groomer is a special mission. You are the master of shaping, clipping, cleaning, and beautifying pets. And you play a vital role in their health. You may be the first to detect ear problems, skin allergies, or even tumors. Groomers are key to the long-term wellbeing of pets.

But with the rewards also come challenges.

Groomers Face Many Challenges

• Some of the challenges are financial: too few clients, not enough time in the day, costly overhead, etc. Let’s face it, this is a business, and you can’t do what you love without meeting the bottom line – money!

• Some challenges are physical: sore feet, bad back, weak knees, and even finding good help.

• The most obvious challenge, however, is the lack of recurring income. What will happen to your income the day you stop grooming?

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You work hard to build a loyal client base. You provide top-notch service to keep people and their pets coming back, so you can proudly say, “That’s my customer.” Our program creates a way for you to keep more of your business instead of losing it to competitors.

The Life’s Abundance Two-Part Program for Groomers

Here’s the first part. All your pet clients have one thing in common: They eat. In fact, nearly all pets eat commercial foods from local pet or grocery store chains, and that drains money from your business. Low-quality commercial foods can cause skin and coat issues (as well as other health problems) for those animals. Did you know that the average pet owner spends about $300 a year on pet food and treats? Those are your customers. But until now, there wasn’t much you could do to capture some of that as income.

standard poodlesNow you can. With no need for inventory and no extra work on your part, you can refer your clients to one of the nation’s top natural pet food, treats, supplements, and spa products—and you get compensated for life. That’s right. Keep the money that you deserve. Through our unique selling system, we are revolutionizing grooming businesses all across the country. The steps are simple:

• You recommend Life’s Abundance pet products to your clients.

• Your clients order on the website Life’s Abundance creates for you, or by our toll-free order line.

• The products are delivered fresh to your clients’ door on a regular, automatic schedule.

• And then this happens: You are paid for life of the customer.

To make it even better, here’s the second part. You directly offer our dog and cat care products to your clients and make extra money—like this:

• You tell your clients about our premium, all-natural, safety-tested Revitalizing Shampoo.

• They purchase it, and you keep the bottle, labeled with the client’s name, in your shop. (Or, if you don’t have room, the client brings it in for each visit.)

• Then when their dogs or cats come in for grooming, you use their own premium bottle of our holistic shampoo.

• In that way, you save on the shampoo you would normally use, you earn money on each bottle you sell, and you introduce your clients to our premium products. By the way, our pet care product line includes a versatile Bath Fresh Mist as a leave-in conditioner or a refresher between baths, as well as our very effective Ear Care Formula, and our Soothing Mist for helping with hot spots and dry areas. And that’s just the beginning of what we offer!

One more point. I ran a very successful grooming shop on Long Island. Although I now focus full time on my Life’s Abundance business, as a groomer I made a steady income and built huge customer loyalty by offering Life’s Abundance products. And, as my income today shows, when I retired from grooming, I kept building my Life’s Abundance business. Today, I earn a substantial income from it, and I work from the comfort of my home!

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, please watch the video below. I’d be glad to talk about it with you. And I’d be glad to tell you exactly how well this works for a dedicated groomer.

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