Life’s Abundance Organic, Plant Based Skin Care


Life's Abundance Body LotionLife’s Abundance Body Lotion

It’s time to treat your skin with the care it deserves. Our delicate Life’s Abundance Body Lotion glides on effortlessly and absorbs quickly to leave you soft and silky from head to toe. Using nature’s most effective organic emollients, it delivers long-lasting hydration so you can look and feel confident all day long!

Life’s Abundance Body Lotion is made with organic, plant based ingredients. No chemicals or harmful ingredients. Tested for purity. Paraben free – Sulfate free – Phthalate free – Non-GMO – No synthetic anything.

Life’s Abundance Body Lotion


Life's Abundance Facial CleanserLife’s Abundance Facial Cleanser

Typical face washes can strip your face of its protective oils, leaving it dry, irritated and prone to breakouts. Our creamy, light cleanser gently removes impurities without harming your skin’s natural barrier. And best of all, it contains no harsh chemicals, parabens or additives. After all, an effective facial cleanser should remove impurities, not add to them.


Life’s Abundance Facial Cleanser


lifes-abundance-facial-moisturizerLife’s Abundance Facial Moisturizer

Finally — a natural moisturizer that really works. This nourishing cream effectively softens and plumps without dubious chemicals that can irritate or toughen the skin over time. Our expertly blended elixir of organic antioxidants, emollients and omega essential fatty acids delivers a conditioning boost for every skin type. No synthetic junk. Just soft, natural, hydrating cream for soft, naturally hydrated skin.

Life’s Abundance Facial Moisturizer


lifes-abundance-facial-serumLife’s Abundance Facial Serum

Tired and dull skin has met its match. Light to the touch and never greasy, unlock your skin’s natural potential with clean, therapeutic ingredients that will awaken your complexion. Our serum is packed with a powerful concentration of organic, plant-derived emollients, antioxidants and omega fatty acids that leave your face nourished, renewed and petal-soft.


Life’s Abundance Facial Serum