Meet The Family at Judys Health Cafe


Nicholas, standard poodle

Nicholas and his brother, Noah, came to us at 8 weeks old from Admiration Standard Poodles. They are 5 years old and after losing our precious dog, Noodle, they brought laughter back into our home.

Nicholas is the bigger boy – He is HUGE! He is absolutely gorgeous and they don’t get any more cuddly! He and Noah were totally trained and housebroken by 13 weeks of age and have had the run of the house since. I have never seen two smarter puppies!

Nicholas, standard poodle

Here’s Nicholas at 16 months old – he’s the biggest boy we have!

Nicholas, standard poodle

Here’s Nicholas in his first show cut!

Noah, standard poodle

Noah, at 5 1/2 months is a love bug, for sure! He’s a bit smaller than Nicholas and is the submissive one. He’s also the little trouble maker! He loves to find a toy, dart out the doggie door and get Nicholas to chase him around the yard. The cutest thing I ever saw is him and Nicholas walk side by side, sharing the same toy in their mouths and trying to get out the doggie door. The only thing more fun than a toy is getting a really good belly rub!

Noah, standard poodle
Here’s Noah now. His favorite thing to do is to patrol the fence for any signs of our neighbor’s Jack Russel!

Noah and Nicholas, standard poodles 

Journey, standard poodle
Magic Castle’s Sentimental Journey – Journey

Journey traveled all the way from N.Y. from Magic Castle Poodles! Here he is at 10 weeks. Journey was named after Joey. Not only were we mourning for Joey, but so were our dogs, especially Kashmere, who had also lost his best friend Noodle just 2 years before. We hoped a puppy would bring some laughter back into our lives and hopefully bond with Kashmere. We got a dream come true! Kashmere LOVED the little devil dog and it’s so wonderful to watch his tail going a million miles a minute again! We’re looking forward to many, many wonderful years with this baby!

Journey, standard poodle

Here’s Journey now at 2 years old. He’s a real beauty and he knows it! He’s 60 pounds of TROUBLE! He’s into everything and always in someone’s face 🙂

Justin, standard poodle
Ash’s Mystical Just In Time – Justin

Justin, at 12 weeks is an amazing little boy! Everyone who meets him is falling in love with him! He’s sweet, smart and very vocal. He’ll tell you exactly what he wants!

Ash’s Mystical Justin Time is our first red. He was named after Joey and came all the way from Las Vegas from Ash’s Mystical Poodles.

Justin, standard poodle
Here’s Justin at 5 months old. He’s growing up to be a real beauty!


Kody, standard poodle
Magic Castle’s Image of Kash – Kody

Kody, at 10 weeks is a bundle of energy! I’ve never seen such a waggly tail, either! He’s such a happy little boy!

Magic Castle’s Image of Kash was named after Kashmere. He will eventually turn all silver and it’ll be fun watching the changes. Kody is from our friend Grace Durkin at Magic Castle Poodles, who we also got Journey from.

Kody, standard poodle
Here’s Kody at 10 months old. He’s going to be stunning! The silver is really starting to come out. He looks more like Kashmere every day!

Premier Standard Poodles Mark Of Excellence – Marco

We just welcomed Marco into our family and we are so excited to have him! He arrived from Premier Standard Poodles in California at the age of 16 weeks. There’s nothing like  a puppy!


Paul and Judy Bishop

Paul and Judy

Here I am with the man that loves us all, my husband Paul.

First, let me introduce myself! My name is Judy Bishop and pets have always been my passion! I have shared my life and my home with animals since childhood, and I can’t imagine having it any other way. Pets give us so much; unconditional love, companionship, undying loyalty, and a reason to live each day to the best of our abilities.

It’s not surprising that my love of pets has led my career path! In my late 30’s I went to the New York School of Dog Grooming and opened one of the most successful boarding and grooming shops on Long Island, Cut ‘n Cuddles Dog Grooming. I spent 15 years practicing the fine art of pet grooming where I worked out of my home so that I could be near my 5 precious dogs. One of them, Kato, a silver miniature poodle, was a special needs dog and I knew I couldn’t leave him home alone for very long. He was found wandering the streets, hungry, sick, matted and just in overall poor health. It was because of him that Cut ‘n Cuddles was such a success – people loved the idea of bringing their precious animals to a home environment where they were loved, cared for and nurtured as if they were my own. And it was because of Kato that I learned about the importance of pet nutrition and how we can help our animals when they can’t help themselves.

My dogs always looked great, but two of them continually went to the vet for one reason or another – allergies, ear infections, scratching, chewing, biting, itching, coughing and other problems. The vet gave them everything from Rimadyl to Prednisone, both highly dangerous drugs. I searched for answers and alternatives on the Internet and called other veterinarians for help. I spent $3000 at one of the most famous New York Animal Hospitals, only to be told we needed more drugs. Noodle was operated on four times for an ear infection and there went another $2500, besides the pain and suffering. It seemed every time I looked around, we were back at the vet’s office. More money, more drugs, no answers.  

My search led me to nutrition. And all of a sudden, it hit me – we are what we eat, aren’t we? So what about my dogs?

At the time of my search, I lost Gucci, my precious little Yorkshire Terrier, to kidney disease. I was devastated. I couldn’t work, sleep or do anything else for that matter. It was months before I felt like “me” again, but with a broken heart. But before I could get through even one day without tears, I lost Giorgio, Gucci’s little brother, to cancer. Feeling again devastated and in shock, I laid in my bed with Kato and my two other dogs, Roxanne and Noodle, crying but knowing I had to do something – and now! My search led me to Life’s Abundance and Dr. Jane Bicks, who spent hours on the phone with me long distance, trying to help me cope with the losses as well as educate me on the importance of feeding a proper diet. I made arrangements to fly down to Florida to meet with her and two weeks after Giorgio passed away and right before my trip, I lost my precious Kato to heart disease.

Now totally in shock and left with a small family of 2 dogs, I flew down to meet Dr. Jane. I’ll never forget the moment she saw me get off the plane. She ran over to me and her exact words were “Young lady, do not say a word. I have something for you.” And she leaned over and gave me three kisses, one for each baby I had lost.

Since then, my focus has been to educate pet owners so that hopefully they won’t go through what I did. With Dr. Jane’s help and guidance, I closed my grooming shop and became a Life’s Abundance representative full time, helping people to help their pets live longer, healthier lives. I’ve watched so many animals improve on the Life’s Abundance products and I only wish that Gucci, Giorgio and Kato had had the chance to be on them. But now, my new family is thriving on all the food, treats and supplements – I know they look great and feel great, too! And remember I mentioned Noodle who went through the four ear surgeries? Well, it turned out to be a food allergy! If, like most pet owners, you want to give your pet the very best chance at a long and healthy life, I would love to speak with you about these incredible products. As a pet professional, I highly recommend Life’s Abundance products for your cherished pet!

And what about us as pet owners? As I watched all of these animals get healthier, I thought about me! What if something were to happen and I wasn’t around to care for them? I’ve always been in fairly good shape – exercising, watching my diet, taking my vitamins. My only health issue over the years was suffering from severe migraine headaches, which I constantly took medication for. I wasn’t sure if what I was taking was helping or hurting, but since the doctor prescribed the medicine, I took it and kept taking it for 25 years! I also grew up in a home where Mom said “Take your vitamins” so that’s what I did. But no one ever questioned the type of vitamins. I also noticed that with age, I had put on a few extra pounds and couldn’t get it off the way I had always done before – Weight Watchers, Atkins, or whatever grapefruit diet the next door neighbor happened to find. I even found the Ice Cream Diet! I loved that since I’m a junk food junkie, but only lost 5 pounds which I put back on in just as many days. One of the things I learned over the years was that every diet works if you stick to it long enough, but what about a lifestyle and maintaining the weight loss long term? The pounds just always came back.

Eight years ago I was introduced to Fish Oil and for the first time in my life I no longer suffered from Migraines. I also started dieting, but not starving! Learning how to eat right became a lifestyle….not a diet. I lost the weight and kept it off with little or no effort and I felt great! So my next thought was, if I could help pets live longer, healthier lives, what about the people who own them? What if I could help them feel better, look better and change their lives as well?

I studied hard and with the help of famous research doctors my whole life has changed! I look great and feel better than I have in years! I love what I do and work from the comfort of my home full time, surrounded by the animals I love so dearly. I now help people and pets by recommending what I feel are the greatest products in the world and also help them to earn an income that can change their lives forever. I have fun and work (if you can call it work!) with the best people in the world, I meet wonderful new people every day and teach them how to have fun in this business. I’d love to help you, too!

“I’ve always believed in putting the needs of others first. That means treating you and your pets’ needs with the concern that you deserve. I understand that when you come to me, I’ll do everything I can to help you. That’s why I’ll always take the time to  et to know you and your pets and find out all I can about your unique needs and concerns. This way, I can give you the services and products that will best help you and your business succeed. You deserve nothing less.”

If you would like to design a wellness program for you or your pet, or if you are looking for a business opportunity that can change your life and enhance the lives of others, please contact me or call me at 281-401-9147. I look forward to meeting you!