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At Life’s Abundance, we’re motivated not only by an obligation to provide superior products for better health and well-being, but also to educate customers about how to improve their quality of life.

An extension of our belief that both people and pet kids deserve healthier, more nutritive alternatives, the Life’s Abundance Blog offers insights to help guide you on the path to wellness. And as a subscriber, you’ll receive news, tips and stories from engaging experts on interesting topics such as …

  • Pet-health, nutrition & product insights from Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, our Veterinarian Product Formulator
  • Helpful pet-care stories & videos from Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, our Staff Veterinarian
  • Innovative nutritional support for people by Keri Glassman, MS.RD.CDN
  • Heartwarming updates from our non-profit, The Dr. Jane Foundation

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