Life’s Abundance Fund Raising For Dog and Cat Rescue Groups


Are You Tired of the Same Old Fund Raising? 

Now Your Contributors Can Feed Their Pets & Help Save Other Pets Lives.

The Life’s Abundance Win-Win-Win Fund Raising Program for non profit organizations can give your contributors an opportunity to feed their pets premium health food and help save other pets lives, while your organization earns an ongoing income.

The pet organizations Win because they can earn an ongoing income selling products that their contributors already purchase and need daily. The contributors Win because they can feed their pets Life’s Abundance’s highly nutritious food and supplements and feel good about saving other pets lives at the same time. The pets Win because they get superior nutrition that will help them live healthier, happier and longer lives.

For most organizations, fund raising is their lifeblood and a challenge they face daily. Typically, volunteers find it difficult to continuously ask supporters for money or make one-time sales on the same old charity items such as candy, wrapping paper, cookies or magazines. The Life’s Abundance Win-Win-Win Fund Raising Program is highly attractive to pet rescue and shelter non-profit organizations because we can provide them with a innovative way to raise ongoing funds with products that have an almost universal appeal and are needed on a daily basis.

The Life’s Abundance Win-Win-Win Fund Raising Program can also raise money for other nonprofit organizations, like schools, churches, youth groups, etc. There are over 700,000 registered non-profit organizations in the U.S. today with an overwhelming number of contributors who belong to them. Due to the economic downturn, nonprofit organizations will have higher profile than ever. Many are losing their traditional funding and they’re reaching out to the community for help.

With Life’s Abundance, Your Organization WINS:

• Contributors buy premium health food, treats, supplements and pet care products and help save other pets lives.

• You earn ongoing income.

• You reap the benefits of virtually no competition with other fundraisers.

• You can offer your contributors products they’re already buying and need daily.

• You can participate in a special program, which allows you to purchase 40 pound bags of premium pet food at a discounted price so you can feed your dogs and cats economically and then sell the food and other pet products to owners at the time of adoption and earn an ongoing income. (Optional)

• You get a Life’s Abundance E-commerce Web Site, personalized for you.

• Customer Service And An Informed Technical Staff To Assist You.

• You have NO Inventory. Life’s Abundance Products Are Delivered Right To Your Contributors’ Doors.

• You Have NO Stocking of Products.

• You get an Easy, Turn Key Operation.

With Life’s Abundance, Your Contributor Base WINS:

• Contributors buy premium health food, treats, supplements and pet care products and help save other pets lives.

• Contributors support your organization by buying pet products they already buy and need.

• Contributors are not subjected to the same old charity items like candy and magazines.

• Contributors receive pet products delivered to their home on a regular basis.

• Contributors never run out of their favorite pet food or lug heavy bags from the store.

• Contributors have the peace of mind that they’re giving their precious pet quality food and products formulated by a nationally recognized veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks.

• Contributors have no risk. Life’s Abundance has a full money back guarantee.

With Life’s Abundance, Every Pet WINS:

•  Pets get superior products that can help them live a healthier, happier and longer life.

• Life’s Abundance is dedicated to making a difference in pets’ lives.

• All products are formulated to be safe, wholesome and effective.

• All products are manufactured under the highest standards.

• All products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian.

• Life’s Abundance offers a full line of exceptional, holistic pet products.

Life’s Abundance premium health foods contain:

•  Highest quality chicken meal, eggs and fish meal.

• Grape seed extract, a very powerful antioxidant to defend against disease.

• Chelated minerals and probiotics.

• NO corn, NO wheat, NO by-products, NO artificial colors or chemical preservatives

With Life’s Abundance, You’re Not Alone:

•  Life’s Abundance Sponsor Support: Assistance is available on a day-to-day basis.

• Experienced and successful leaders guide you.

• Corporate Support: Veterinarian/Formulator, Company founders and CEO always available.

• Marketing Support: Professional sales aids and advice.

• Technical Support: Dr. Jane Bicks answers any product questions.

• Field Support: Knowledgeable and pleasant staff trained to assist

We Help Maximize Your Fund Raising Efforts:

•  We will help you set up your group’s Life’s Abundance web site, which will enable you to widen your promotional efforts plus provide your contributors with the convenience of ordering products online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

• We will familiarize you with the wide array of product brochures, flyers and sell sheets.

• With Life’s Abundance, You Get A Turn-key Business Building System

• We provide you with a state-of-the-art business building system on the Internet…documents and audios for training, goal setting, business plans and recruiting methods and tools.

By introducing Life’s Abundance to other non profit organizations, rescue groups, and shelters, your group can increase their earnings!   

We would love to be your personal sponsor and help your non profit organization earn extra money with Life’s Abundance products! 

Your organization can raise needed funds on an ongoing basis. Your contributors can support their favorite organization and get superior pet products delivered right to their door. And pets get superior products that can help them live a healthier, happier and longer life! All 501 non-profit organizations receive a Starter Kit, E-commerce Web Site and much more.

Check out our Life’s Abundance Web Site. We truly believe it’s the easiest way for your non profit organization to raise money month after month, year after year, just recommending Life’s Abundance products.

Email Us or call (281) 401-9147 today to sign up your 501c3 organization! We’ll send you the application, get you started and help your organization earn an ongoing monthly check! Don’t forget…we want to help YOU raise the money for your non profit organization, so contact us today!

We’re looking forward to working with you and helping your non profit organization!